Exam Certificates

Certificates from examinations sat in the Summer of 2023 are now ready for collection.  If you are a current student, please come to collect your certificates on: Thursday 30th November 2023, 8:45am - 9:00am (Registration), from the Sixth Form Study Area.  If you have missed this day, please come to the Exams Office with your school ID badge. 

If you no longer attend Knutsford Academy/Cheshire Studio School, please collect as soon as possible from the Bexton Road reception in person between 10am-2pm, Monday - Friday during term time. 

If you are unable to collect during these hours, you can nominate someone else to collect on your behalf.  We need written authorisation from the student to allow this (via email to sqk@knutsfordacademy.org.ukwith full details of who will be collecting the certificates.

Please ask the nominated person to bring ID. They will then sign receipt of the certificates on the student’s behalf.


Please note that certificates cannot be replaced if lost or damaged. In such an eventuality, you will need to approach the Awarding Body directly to obtain a certified Statement of Results and they will make a charge for this service.

Examination Dates 2023/2024


  • January Vocational Season: 10 January –16 January 2024
  • Year 11 Trial 2 Examinations: 12 February – 16 February 2024  [half term break]
  • Year 11 Trial 2 Examinations continued: 26 February – 01 March 2024
  • Year 12 Trial 1 Examinations: 05 – 09 February 2024
  • Year 13 Trial 2 Examinations: 05 – 09 February 2024
  • Year 10 Trial Examinations: 15 – 26 April 2024
  • GCSE and A-Level Examination Season: 9 May – 26 June 2024
  • Year 12 Trial 2 Examinations: 17 – 21 June 2024

Results Day A-Level 2024: 15 August 2024

Results Day GCSE 2024: 22 August 2024

Results & Post Results Service November resits 2023

Results Day for Autumn resits GCSE Maths and English: 11 January 2023

We hope that on receiving your results, they are in line with your expectations but if you wish to query a result, the exam boards offer three post result services. The exam boards charge for two of these services and there are strict deadlines for each.  Deadlines and costs are detailed on the form below.

The post results services offered are:

  • Clerical re-check
  • Review of Marking
  • Access to Scripts (FREE)

Post Results Form (GCSE/L2) Autumn 2023


Mrs K Newitt is Exams Officer for Knutsford Academy & Cheshire Studio School and can be contacted as follows:



Course Specification Links for GCSE and A-Level

Other useful documents can be found in this section including a document relating to each main area of learning in the school. Each of these documents contains information about the courses/specifications that are delivered and has links to the appropriate examination board webpages.  For more information about these courses see the curriculum pages.

Information about the courses/specifications