Language Paper 1 – Explorations in creative reading and writing (assessed by exam – 50%) 

In Section A, Candidates read a literature fiction text and answer a range of questions in order to consider how established writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to capture the interest of readers.

In the writing section in section B, candidates will be writing their own creative text, inspired by the topic that they have responded to in section A to demonstrate their narrative and descriptive skills in response to a written prompt, scenario or visual image.

Language Paper 2 – Writer’s viewpoints and perspectives (assessed by exam – 50%)

In section A, candidates will read two linked sources from different time periods and genres in order to consider how each presents a perspective or viewpoint to influence the reader. Candidates will respond to a range of questions.

In section B, candidates will produce a written text to a specified audience, purpose and form in which they give their own perspective on the theme that has been introduced to them in section A.

Non examination assessment – Speaking and Listening (assessed in the classroom and awarded a separate certificate)

Students will be marked on three assessed pieces:

  1. Presenting
  2. Discussing and Listening
  3. Role-playing


Literature Paper 1: Shakespeare and Post 1914 Literature 

Section A – Shakespeare: a two-part question, with the first task focused on an extract of approximately 30 lines. The second task is focused on how a theme reflected in the extract is explored elsewhere in the play. 

Section B - Section B – Post-1914 British play or novel. Students will answer one essay on the novel or play they have read in class.

Literature Paper 2: 19th-century Novel and Poetry since 1789 

Section A – 19th-century novel: students will answer a a two-part question on the novel studied in class, with the first part focused on an extract of approximately 400 words. The second part is an essay question exploring the whole text.  

Section B –  

Part 1: ONE question comparing a named poem from the Pearson Poetry Anthology collection studied in class to another poem from that collection. The named poem will be shown in the question paper.  

Part 2: ONE question comparing two unseen contemporary poems.

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