Knutsford Academy Staff List

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FirstName Surname Email Role
Tiegan Abdulai TAI Teacher of Social Sciences
Ryan Acton RAN Head of Year 10/Teacher of PE
Derrick Andrews DAS Teacher of Construction Studio
Lauren Appleton LAN Assistant Head of Year 8/Head of Religious Studies
Caroline Atkinson CAN English Faculty
Paul Atkinson PAN Head of Humanities Faculty
Steve Atkinson SAN Network Manager
Randeep Bagri RBI Teacher of Computing
Vikki Bamping VBG Lower School Office
David Barber DBR Teacher of Maths
Josh  Bate JBE Assistant Head of Year 10/Teacher of Science
Paul Bates PBS Caretaker
Linda Begg LBG Languages Faculty
Clare Bond CBD Teacher of English
Janis Bradbury JBY Head of English Faculty
David Britton (DR) DBN Teacher of Science
Rebecca Brook RBK Teacher of English
Stephanie Capstick SCC Cover Supervisor
Tom Chambers TC History Trainee Teacher
Megan Coleman MCA Teacher of Religious Studies
Caroline Coulston CCN Humanities/ English Admin Support
Debbie Clark DCK Lower School Office
Nathan Cloudsdale- Banard ND Chemistry Technician
Rebecca Cooper RCR Science Technician 
David Cole DCE Head Year 11/Head of Computing
Megan Coleman MCA Teacher of Religious Studies
Katie Curran KCA Teacher of Art and Design 
Gabriel Dellal GDL Teaching Assistant 
Jack Edwards JW Teacher of Physical Education
Gehad Elzamlout GLZ Teacher of Mathematics
Madeleine Evans MES Teacher of Social Sciences
Elizabeth Flukes EFS Teacher of Performing Arts
David Foster DFR Teacher of History
Robert Foster RFR Assistant Head Year 11/English Teacher
Ray Fung RFG Head of SMSC
Suzannah  Ghazanfar SGR Teacher of Languages
Tamsin Gilbert TGT A&D Faculty
Cora Greeves  CGS Learning Support Assistant
Lara Griffiths LGS Teacher of Maths
James Hawkins JHA Teacher of History
May Hawkins MHS Head 6th Form Studio
David Hayhurst DHT Caretaker
Sue Heward SHD Office Manager
Emma Hilditch EHH Head of Behaviour Support/Maths Teacher
Anne Hill AHL Site team - Admin
Jenny Horan-Collins JHC Business Teacher
Tom Horner THR Head of Year 9/PE Teacher
Lucy Hughes LHS Head of PHSCE/Teacher of Social Science
Ian Hughes (Dr) IHU Head of Chemistry
Jodie Hurst JHT Teacher of English
Rachael Ince RIE Teacher of PE
Julie Jeffries JJS Biology Teacher
Louise Johnson LJO Finance Assistant
Silvana Jones SJE Learning Support Assistant 
Ashleigh Jones AJO Student Support (Safeguarding Practitioner)
Caroline  Jones CJE Exams Assistant 
Karen Key KKY Headteacher
Sarah King SKG Learning Support Assistant 
Donna Knight DKT Receptionist – Bexton Road
Mike Knott MKT Humanities Faculty
Vanessa Lally VLY Literacy Support Co-ordinator/Teacher of English
Jon  Lawes JLA Senior Deputy Headteacher
Chris Leigh CLH Acting Deputy Headteacher – Safeguarding Lead
Barbara Livesley BLY Language Assistant
Maria Lukic MLC Learning Support Assistant 
Philip Lynn PLN Assistant Director of PE
Laura  Marsh LMS Physics Technician 
Lucy Mason LMN Head of Art & Design Faculty
Andrew Mason AMN Head of Year 8 &Teacher of Science
Helen Mayne HME Head of Performing Arts Faculty
Chloe Maxwell CML Learning Support Assistant 
Trish McCallum PMM Teacher of Mathematics
Pippa McConville PME Learning Support Assistant 
Patrick McCormack PMC Teaching Assistant The Hub
Alison McGeehan AMC Head of Mathematics
Mandie McKay MMY Assistant SENDCO
Laura Merriman LMA Teacher of Performing Arts
David Middleton DMN Head of Year 7/Teacher of PE
Heather Miller-McCready HMY Assistant Head of Year 7/Teacher of Science
Chris Molyneux CMX Maintenance 
Marita Moore MMR Teacher of Science
Julie Morgan JMN Student Office
Charlotte Moss CMS Humanities Social Sciences
Mark Mousley MML Headteacher's Personal Assistant
Jennifer Murphy JM Teacher of Science 
Sarah Murphy SY Literacy Intervention English
Jane Murphy JMY School Engagement Practitioner
Wendy Nevett WNT Art and Design, Food and Textiles Technician 
Zoe Neville ZNE Teacher of Science
Kelly Newitt KNI Data Assessment – Exams Office
Emily  Nicholson ENN Teacher of English
Molly  Page MPE Teacher of English
Christopher Parr CPR Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)
Sioned Petrie SPE Teacher of Languages
Nicola Phillips NPS Director of Operations
Jaydeen Pickford JPF Careers Manager
Alison Player APR Student Office
Nikola Powell NPL Learning Support Assistant
Janette Proud JPD Learning Support Assistant
Demi Rabette DRE Teacher of Languages
Charlotte  Ridgeway CRY Teacher of Science
Emmalene Richardson ERN Teacher of English
Emma Riley ERY Head of Biology
George Robinson GRN A&D Faculty
Mark Rodgers MRO Technician A&D Faculty
Maxine Roughly MRY Behaviour Support Manager
Fiona Routs FRS Teacher of Business Studies & Economics
Adam Rowe ARW Assistant Head of Year 9/Teacher of History
Andy Royle ARE Site Manager
Amanda Royle AR0 Cleaning Supervisor
Denise Sayle DSE Teacher of Art and Design
Rebecca Senior RSR Head of Music
Lisa Scott LST Head of Dance/Performance Faculty
Paul Scott PST Humanities Faculty/Head of History
Matthew Sheldon MSN Teacher of Performing Arts
Amanda Shepherd ASD Teacher of Languages
Gaynor Speakman GSN Head of Languages Faculty
Clare Storrow CSW Student Support Manager
Tim Swan TSN Head of Science Faculty
Nicola Szkolar NSR Head of Food Technology A&D Faculty
Carole Taylor CTR Assistant Head of 6th Form/Teacher of Mathematics
Alex Thatcher ATR Deputy Headteacher
Hannah Thornburn HTR Literacy Intervention
Caroline Tims CTM Teacher of Mathematics
Andrew Touhey ATY Teacher of Mathematics
Joe Trippett JTT Assistant Head of Year10/Teacher of Mathematics
Lorna Toland (Woolford) LTD Learning Support Assistant
Henry Tompkinson HTN Teacher of Geography
Heidi Waite HWE Learning Support Assistant
Ryan Walker RWR Head of Social Sciences Faculty
Nicola Walsh NWH Head of PE Faculty
Hazel Weigh-Williams HWH Assistant Head Teacher
Rebecca Wheatcroft RWT Maths Teacher
Grace White GWT Learning Support Assistant 
Lydia Whittaker LWR Teacher of PE
Jared  Williams JWS Cover Supervisor 
Sarah Williams SWS SENDCO
Sue Wollen SWN SEND Lead Advisor
Ella Woodcock EWK Teacher of English
Melanie Wright MWT Teacher of Physics