Maths – Years 7 - 9

Overview to curriculum

At Key Stage 3, students follow a scheme of learning which has been developed to integrate problem solving and to raise awareness of real-life Mathematical applications. Tasks are designed to promote thinking and to reinforce Mathematical skills.

Mathematics is streamed from Year 7, based on Key Stage 2 assessment. This ensures that students can access the correct level of work in order to realise their potential. Each class will cover 10 units, which incorporate the main 4 strands of Mathematics; Number, Algebra, Data and Geometry.

How it is assessed, during the year and end of year?

Units are assessed informally in class using a topic test. Support for this can be found in the homework book on the last page of each respective unit.

Formal assessments take place in the last week of each half term and these cover all learning from the half or full term.

In the summer term the end of Year assessment covers all learning from that year. Students should assume that any learning from previous years could be included in this assessment.

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The following two links require logins which your child will have been given in class. These are a combination of their names, Knutsford and their date of birth.

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Challenge Tasks

Computing Years 7 to 9

Overview to curriculum

Our Computer Science and IT curriculum aims to promote a love of learning and a deep understanding of how computing affects our daily lives. Early foundations are laid for students to learn the computational thinking skills which will empower them throughout their learning journey.  These skills are continually developed through engaging project work which challenges learners to think independently in order to solve problems.

Subjects studied in each year:

Year 7

  • Foundation in digital literacy
  • Introduction to computational thinking
  • Flowal
  • Scratch projects
  • Microbit

Year 8

  • History of computing
  • Binary mathematics
  • Python programming

Year 9

  • Emerging technologies
  • HTML coding
  • Networks
  • Software development lifecycle

How it is assessed, during the year and end of year?

Students are regularly assessed including end-of-topic tests throughout the year. Student work is assessed regularly with formative feedback.

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