Knutsford Academy and Cheshire Studio School are committed to creating an environment in which equality, diversity and inclusion are respected and celebrated through our teaching, the ways in which we act and conscious decision-making. This belief is reflected both in the Vision and Values (“Strong Community”) and in the Code of Conduct (“Respect Others”).


EDI Objectives for 2022-24


The schools are both working toward achieving the same four key objectives. If achieved within the time span then these objectives will be revised/refined :


1. To develop a greater breadth of understanding of key EDI issues across the entire staff. To focus this through an ongoing pattern of staff training and INSET.


2. Create a working space on the school website that draws together all the schools good work relating to EDI.


3. To develop a programme of work for all students focussed on the use and impact of specific language. This will lead to a reduction in the use of identity-based abuse focussing on racist, homophobic and sexist language.


4. To reflect on the curriculum across all subjects focussing on diversifying and decolonialising the content. This will allow all students to see themselves represented within the curriculum as well as seeing their place within the global community.